I feel so happy and that I finished the Kobe Marathon.

Even though my knees have not healed, I still ran fifteen kilometers to make it done.
I started to feel pain in my knees after I ran fifteen miles far.
I was very worried that I can’t finish the game because of this situation but
I ran to thirty kilometers successfully. My legs are almost impossible to bend even more.
I really want to give up because I feel so helpless and painful.
Because of everyone’s encouragement, even if I am tired, I still fight to the last moment. Thanks for supporting me. I am so grateful to all my co-workers and local Japanese. They are yelling for me, cheering for me. I start to think brightly. Maybe I could make it. I can’t quit! I can’t give up! I should finish it no matter what!
At the end of the competition, I walk fast. I can’t run anymore.
I almost saw the end, and I hold back my strong emotion. Keep running toward the target. And my SYSMEX crew call my name out loud, fight! Fight! Fight! I you almost there! Don’t give up! Try your best!!! I am really touched. I cried a lot when I saw their face. They are with me! Stand by me!!!!!
Finally, I finished the game! Although it took a lot of time to complete, but this is my best challenge and best record. For me, it’s really a unique memory!

I am very grateful to SYSMEX TW, SYSMEX colleagues, and the people of Kobe. They cheered for all the runners, and I was touched so many moments and so happy that I took this challenge! This is “Join in and Enjoy “Thank for your reading.