On November 18th, I have at most only run the EVA airline Taipei City Marathon 10 km group.
As a result, muscle soreness, nearly cramps, and ankle discomfort began around 17 km.
Hold the belief that I can’t give up, I must finish the whole course, even if by walking.
Looking at the sign gradually approaching 42km, and pass the finish point. I feel so excited and happy.
Maybe my scores is not good, but it’s really breaking my record.
Before I practice for marathons, my running record only 5 km, I can proudly say my record is join and finished the marathon.
Thank a lot for STW and many Sysmex member cheers for us, I’m also surprised for citizens of Kobe, many people cheers for runners, make me feel the passion of Kobe.
I’m very tired, but very happy now, at this moment , I deeply feel the significance of Join in and Enjoy!

Janus Lin