Mysterious power from the east

Hello, everyone! It’s Jerome Lin from Sysmex Taiwan again.

I tried acupuncture(はり灸) because I got ITBS※ last time.
The doctor stabbed my head. It kind of pain.
It sounds weird.
But I really felt that my knees were relaxed.

And I am back to training.

I am prone to nosebleeds when the weather is cold recently.
So I try wearing a mask for running.
This method works well, but it will also make you breathless.
I don’t recommend this method after the experiment.
Maybe it would be better to apply some lotion to the nostrils.

The KOBE-marathon is 2 weeks away.
I’m looking forward to meeting you all.
Please cheer for us. Thank you very much.
See you soon!

※ITBS:Iliotibial band syndrome – a common knee injury generally associated with running